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Midslumber Products Story

The global pandemic left us with a lot of time to contemplate. 

As a typical Gen Z/Millennial cusper, I spent most of my newfound free time reading, watching movies, or playing video games (or all three at once) with a candle burning on my coffee table. One day, while doing just that , inspiration struck. I began to wonder if I could create scents that captured the fantastical worlds I was escaping too or payed homage to the characters I resonated with so deeply I considered them my friends.


From there, Midslumber Products was born.

I launched Midslumber Products on Etsy early 2021 with just a few clean burn vegan 100% soy candles and wax melts based off of my favorite characters and stories. Turns out I wasn't the only nerdy candle lover out there! Suddenly, my candles were in homes in every state in the country, I was attending expo's with other incredible creators, and I even had the incredible opportunity to create a candle line in collaboration with a non profit to support a cause very dear to me. 


What a wild ride it's been.

Thanks for making this nerd's dreams come true.

All My Love,



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About My Products

Midslumber Products hand poured candles and wax melts are proudly made with sustainable vegan soy wax, and fragrances that are free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other hazardous chemicals. Additionally, I use cotton wicks that are lead and zinc free. 

I strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. My packing peanuts and poly mailers are 100% biodegradable and any paper products like pamphlets and business cards are made with recycled materials. I encourage you to reuse any jar candles and remember to recycle any paper/cardboard included in your order! There's always more room for growth, I'm constantly on the lookout for more ecologically friendly materials. I update my process whenever I can so I can do my part to help our planet!

All artwork featured on labels and stickers are hand drawn by me!

Check Out My Other Online Stores!

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Visit my original Etsy page! Although there are a few items still listed, the goal is to fully transition to my own site. But, you can still find reviews and ratings from our customers on the platform!



Visit my Depop store where I resell new/gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories! 



Find new/gently used treasures from halloween decorations to cameras on my Ebay page!


Made in Oregon

Midslumber Products operates in Portland, Oregon


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